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Test Ride is your chance to try out the latest Giant and Liv performance road bikes and full suspension mountain bikes before you buy - so you can enjoy the latest cutting edge technology bicycles on your regular trails and routes and be sure you are choosing the best bike.

How does it work?

No more queuing for hours at a demo day, waiting to ride a new bike on unfamiliar roads or trails. Test Ride lets you browse and select your test bike from the comfort of your own home, before booking and collecting your bike from your local retailer to ride in your own time on your favourite routes - a true Test Ride experience.

Step 1 > Select a bike

Select your potential new ride from the menu on the left

Step 2 > Explore the bike

Check out the features that set our machine apart from the competition

Step 3 > Book online

Enter a few details and we will send you an email with contact details for your nearest Test Ride retailer stocking your bike - simply contact them to arrange your booking

Step 4 > Enjoy

Collect your bike and take it for a Test Ride on your favourite route – then return it to the retailer and tell us what you thought!

A full 5 stars for the Propel Advanced pro 2 from @bikeradar; http://t.co/VEmXglVpfF #RideLife http://t.co/w0KJrfXIN9

10:47am - 29th January 2015

RT @BottrillMatthew: Latest rider blog @GiantUK http://t.co/f0TaIg3SgP Aiming high and setting goals. How will you get there?

08:40am - 29th January 2015

@StephOther @mp_create @LivCyclingUK Hi Steph, its http://t.co/3vRlltxl0e :)

16:42pm - 27th January 2015

Sub £1000 full suss? Stance 27.5 has got you covered; http://t.co/vMsHX5XsVW #RideLife

14:07pm - 27th January 2015

@silverscoob They are 175mm - Kind regards, Ricki.

16:24pm - 26th January 2015

RT @BottrillMatthew: Know your improving-with every pedal stroke U take. @Cyclepowermeter @GiantUK @ISMsaddles @zipvit_sport #feelingrapid

14:05pm - 26th January 2015